Accessing the MYOB File

When you link a MYOB file to STP Creator (from the Create New Data Set screen or Browse 3 of the Permanent Data Set screen), STP Creator runs a number of checks. One of these checks is to ensure STP Creator can access the MYOB file.

Solutions for common file access issues

Most access issues can be resolved by either of these methods (see below for further details and other errors):

Method 1 - Tick this checkbox as per image below:

Rather than trying to access and use the MYOB file from the original location, each time you need to load payroll data, STP Creator will create a local copy of the original in the same folder as the Data Set file and will use that to load the payroll data. If you tick the 'Delete temp copy on close', STP Creator will delete the temp copy when it closes, otherwise it will override the temp copy with a fresh temp copy next time.


Method 2 - Install and run STP Creator on the same computer/server that hosts the MYOB company file

Certain system setups will prevent STP Creator from accessing the MYOB file. For example if a MYOB v19 file (.myo) is hosted in a terminal server environment, STP Creator running on a workstation will not be able to access the MYOB file. Or if a AR2022 file (.myox) is hosted on a network computer or server, STP Creator will not be able to establish a connection to the MYOB file (file sharing violation or file name not valid error). A connection can only be established with a local .myox file.

In both cases, the solution is to install and run STP Creator from the terminal server or from the computer/server that hosts the file. You may need to speak to your IT personnel to assist with this setup. Or use Method 1 above.

See below for more details about these issues.


By way of explanation, STP Creator cannot connect to an .myox file (for example an AR2022 company file) if that file is on a different computer, or if that file is accessed via a mapped network drive. This is a limitation in the database engine used and is not specific to STP Creator. MYOB (for example AR2022) gets around this by running 2 services on the other computer and accessing the database engine via those services.

'File Name error' usually means the path starts with \\ such as for a server address. Either install and run STP Creator from the server or select the option to use temp copy.

'Access to the database file is not allowed' - usually means the file is read-only. Check and change to read-write.

File Sharing Violation usually means the file is not a local file. Either install and run STP Creator from the server or select the option to use temp copy.