Add a new User to the Data Set File

A new user can be added to an existing Data Set file by using Manage Users under the Maintenance menu on the Main Screen

SSP Licence - Add a new User for Lodgement and 2 Factor Authentication

For those using an SSP Licence, the Authorisation and 2 factor authentication for sending STP data to the ATO is handled by the Portal at Single Touch Pty Ltd.

To add a new user, get the user to create their own Sign in, in other words set up a Portal account with their own Sign In details as well as linked mobile for 2 factor authentication codes. They do not add an entity/ABN instead they are then added as an additional user to the entity/ABN you have created. See Support and then Users guide on the Single Touch Portal as per image below.

The Users guide will show you what is required.

For any queries about setting up a new user on the Single Touch Portal, please contact Single Touch Pty Ltd directly.