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Release 5 Updates - for those customers who have purchased Release 5

The current version of TPAR Generator R5 is

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Save the download. Un-install your earlier version.
Run the downloaded file (As Administrator) to install the new version. Project files and settings will not be affected.

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Import Template for R5

Fixed bug - when opening a Saved Payee with Y for 'Statement by Supplier', screen was displaying 'N' - this can result in inaccurate reports so update is strongly recommended.
Added a 'Nil Report' button on Main Screen
Fixed display issues on About screen
Fixed bug with Recent File list
Other minor bug fixes
Fixed a bug affecting Business Max Licence holders
Other minor bug fixes
Revised Licence Agreement
Fixed display issues on Payee screen when Dropdown lists were disabled
Removed spaces either side of imported fields
Added How to Use button to main Screen
Fixed bug affecting Business Max Licence file
Fixed bug to clear all new Payer data when user cancels Add Payer
Several new features added over Release 4
Updated for ATO Specifications 2.0
Added customisable filenames for Payment Advices
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