YTD Totals in MYOB®

The YTD Totals in MYOB button on the Check Payees screen will bring up this screen:

This screen shows the Payee Income Statement YTD data STP Creator has assembled. If using a MYOB® file, this screen shows all the Payroll data in the MYOB® file, and which STP Fields each Payroll Category will be mapped to. The Data comes from the Pay History on each Employee's Card. It shows the Year to Date totals for each Payroll Category for each Payee.

NOTE: - There is NOTHING to do on this screen - STP Creator has already done the work. The purpose of clicking the '2. 2. Load Payroll Data' button is simply for STP Creator to run some checks, firstly to ensure every Payroll Category used this Payroll Year in MYOB® has been mapped, and secondly to check if every Payee who has been paid this Payroll Year has been included in the STP Report. If either of these checks detect any issues, you will be alerted - see Messages below.

The figures shown on this screen are what will be reported to the ATO based on the STP Field Mapping shown below. STP Creator will total all amounts at a later stage.

Edit Amts

Click here to bring up the YTD Editor screen. This can be used to edit YTD amounts as well as display all entries for a specific Payee.

NOTE: While you can make changes here, ideally you should make any required changes in the MYOB® file instead and re-load the data.


Copy table to clipboard for pasting to another application. This can be useful to resolve any discrepancy, by sorting and totalling amounts for each Payee.


Access on-line Help.


Click this button to close this screen and save any edited amounts.


Close this screen without saving any edited amounts.