YTD Editor

This screen allows you to edit a specific YTD entry. This can be used to correct an import error or to update YTD amounts.

Record ID

Read Only field for this YTD entry

STP Field Name

The existing STP Field Name will be displayed. To change this, select a STP Field from the drop down list. This list will be populated with the STP Fields you selected here, If a STP Field you want to use is missing, close this screen, navigate to the STP Fields button on the Permanent Data Set screen and select the required STP Fields, better to select too many rather than too few.

Payee ID

The Payee currently linked to this YTD entry will be selected. To change, tick a different Payee ID.

YTD Total

Change the amount if necessary.


Click here to update this YTD entry based on the selections made and YTD Total amount shown. After the entry has been updated, the table at bottom of screen will show all YTD entries for this Payee, including the one just edited.


Access on-line Help.


Close this screen.