Starting to new Payroll Year

Start a New Payroll Year - using MYOB®

If using MYOB®, after you have completed your final payroll for the year, and have set the Final Indicator to TRUE for the Payees in STP Creator (or have issued Payment Summaries for Payees not reported through STP Creator), make a backup and then Start a New Payroll Year from the File menu (in MYOB). If unsure how, follow the MYOB® Support notes on the topic. Starting a new Payroll Year in MYOB® resets all YTD payroll balances to nil for all employees.

Immediately before changing a Payroll Year in MYOB®, it is good practice to make a backup and appropriately label it, for example 'Backup B4 Roll to 2020'. This allows the correct backup to be readily identified should you need to re-issue STP Reports (or Payment Summaries) or make any other payroll changes in the Payroll Year about to be closed.

When making your MYOB® pre rollover backup, we recommend you also make a copy of your Data Set file while the Payroll Year matches the Payroll Year in MYOB®. Label it appropriately such as 'Final DataSet for 2019 PY.dsf'. Should you need to correct an STP Report from the prior year, you will have ready access to the MYOB® backup as well as the Data Set for that backup.

RESC and RFBT amounts

If you set RESC or RFBT for end of year reporting using the methods outlined under Report RESC or under Report RFBT, be sure to set these amounts back to zero before your first STP in the new payroll year.

Using STP Creator for the first time in the new Payroll Year

Any employees who were terminated during the previous Payroll Year should be excluded from STP Reports in the new payroll year. Use the Payees button to change this setting.

When you next use STP Creator to load current data from the linked MYOB® file, STP Creator will detect that the Payroll Year has changed. You will be prompted to select the Payroll Year that you want to report on. Make a choice and click OK. This will update the Payroll Year in the Data Set file to match the Payroll Year in your MYOB® file. Complete the STP Creator process as per normal.

Start a New Payroll Year - not using MYOB®

Once you commence reporting for the new Payroll Year, change the Payroll Year (highlighted) on the Permanent Data Set screen:

Extra Assistance Required

As with any STP Creator issues, if you are having difficulty resolving, send us an email with the details (including screenshots). We will provide guidance via email as soon as we can. Alternatively if you would like someone to connect remotely to resolve the issue, we have a HelpMe! service - see link under Extras on our Purchase Page here - a fee applies.