Same Payee ID

Basic Principles

Update from Company File

When you click Update from Company File, the All Payee table will be updated. All Payees currently in the MYOB® file will be added to the Table.

If a Payee (based on Payee ID) in the MYOB® file is not yet in the All Payees table (for example you have recently added a new Payee in your MYOB® file) it will be added to the table.

If the Payee already exists in the table, the Payee will be will be updated for any changes. Before updating for changes STP Creator checks to ensure the Surname and the TFN match. If neither match, you will see this message:

If the MYOB® company file linked to this Data Set file is the correct company file, then this situation is likely caused by someone editing the Surname and TFN  for this Payee in the MYOB® company file since the Payee Details in this Data Ste file were last updated. If this is the case, simply click OK and the Payee Details in the Data Set file will be updated to match the Employee details in the MYOB® company file.

If however this message appears because you have linked a different MYOB® company file to this Data Set file, you should click Cancel. Then use Browse 3 to link the correct MYOB® company file.