STP Fields

Click the button highlighted below to select the STP Fields that you will need to Report on. Certain fields are compulsory and have already been selected. Whether you need to select additional fields depends on your payroll.  For example if you pay your employees a Car Allowance, you will need to select Car Allowance. The fields available closely resemble the Payment Summary fields. So in addition to Super guarantee amount, select those fields you would normally use on a Payment Summary.

This brings up this table. Tick to select. Double click to edit - for example to add a note for yourself, or to add a Description to an 'Other Allowance'.


Use this button to clear the existing STP Field table and reset it to default values. This can be useful if there is an issue or corruption in your Data Set file. All Fields of Type 'Optional' will be un-ticked and all My Notes and Description entries (for Allowances) will be cleared. Existing Mapping will not be affected.


Use this button to Update the current STP Field table with any default entries that might be missing. This can happen if your Data Set File was created with an older version of STP Creator and Field ID 92 Not Reportable is missing. If an when the ATO add new fields, this will allow you to update your Data Set File rather than having to create a new one. Existing Mapping will not be affected.


Copy table to clipboard for pasting to another application.


Access on-line Help.


Clicking this button will save any changes and return you to the Data Set screen.


Close this screen without saving any changes. This will bring you back to the Data Set screen.