System Requirements

Recommended Configuration:

Windows 8 or 10 - will also run on Terminal Server and other server setups - you may need to consult your IT Staff for installation.

Your operating system and default browser must have TLS 1.2 support. STP Creator will run on Windows 7 provided it has TLS 1.2 support.

.NET Framework v4.6.1 (or higher)

Microsoft Visual Studio Redistributable (will be installed if required)

512MB of RAM

100MB of free disk space

1366x768 screen resolution or higher (optimised for 1920*1280)

Browser for accessing internet links and on-line Help

Internet connection for startup, lodgement,  accessing internet links, on-line Help and checking for update

Ensure your firewall allows access in and out through Port 123 - contact your IT staff about this. STP Creator accesses a NTP Timeserver at start up - contact Namich if you need the url.