Previous BMSID

V2.0.0.8 of STP Creator allows the user to notify the ATO of a previous BMS ID. All STP Reports are unique to a BMS ID - this stands for Business Management System ID. For example STP Creator Release 1 uses a BMS ID of NAMICHSTP1. STP Creator 2 uses a BMS ID of NAMICHSTP2.

STP Reports lodged under one BMS ID will generate an Income Statement for the Payees under that BMS ID. So if you report part of the year under one BMS ID and then report the rest of the year under another BMS IS, your Payees will end up with 2 Income Statements. This is common when users changes STP software.

To prevent duplication, where an Employer changes to a different BMS ID part way through the year, they can notify the ATO of the Previous BMS ID. The ATO will then ensure the YTD amounts lodged under the new BMS ID 'replace' those lodged under the Previous BMS ID. This prevents the need to 'zero out' YTD Amounts under the old BMS ID to avoid duplication

When migrating to STP Phase 2, notifying the previous BMS ID will replace all of the earlier YTD amounts with the Phase 2 YTD amounts.

Notifying a Previous BMS ID must be done as an Update Event. In STP Creator 2 this is done at Step 2 'Load Payroll Data' if you are a MYOB users, or on the Set Reporting Period screen for Non MYOB users.

When you select 'Update Event - Starting to use STP Creator 2 during the year' - you will see the pop-up message as displayed below:

Enter the Previous BMS ID. For STP Creator Release 1, this is NAMICHSTP1 as per the screen above. If you used other software, you need to enter the BMS ID of that other software. Check you other software or your earlier STP Reports or emails. If unable to locate, log into Online Services for Business (formerly Business Portal) for the ABN involved. Go to Employees > STP Reporting. Select one of the STP Reports lodged under the previous software and click the Drop Down Arrow.

The next screen will show the BMS ID:

Enter this exactly as shown in the Previous BMS ID screen in STP Creator.

Click OK - then continue to Lodge this Update with the ATO. Once lodged, you can report your first STP Creator 2 Pay Event.You do not need to re-report any payroll previously reported using the earlier software.