Payees paid this Payroll Year but not Included in this STP Report

You may see this message when you first open this screen:

'There are one or more Payees where 'Payee in STP' is set to 'No' however they have a reportable YTD amount in MYOB®'

This message indicates that the MYOB® file has YTD amounts in this Payroll Year for a Payee you have set 'Included in STP' as 'No' - this message is just a warning and will not prevent you from continuing.

There are a number of valid reasons why a Payee is not included, for example you may report on 2 groups of payees separately (weekly and fortnightly via 2 different Data Set files) or the Payees have been Reported, Terminated and Finalised in an earlier STP Report.

If you see this message, sort the table by the 'Included in STP' column (as highlighted below). Ensure that if 'Included in STP' is "No", these Payees are correctly excluded. If they should be included in this STP Report, go back to the Payees screen and set Included in STP to show 'Yes' for them, then come back here. In your first STP report, you should include all employees paid during this payroll Year, even if they have since left.

This message will continue to pop up while there are any employees paid this year who are not included in STP. Once you are satisfied all payees that should be included, have been included, ignore this message.  To stop this message from appearing for certain Payees, go back to the Payees screen, select the affected Payees and click Edit. Then tick the 'Ignore YTD Amounts in MYOB' as per image below.

STP Creator will then ignore YTD amounts in MYOB® for this Payee.

If this is your first STP Report and you are not sure whether to include a Payee or not, see Transition to STP during a payroll year.