Payee Does Not Exist

Basic Principles

Update from Company File

When you click Update from Company File, the All Payee table will be updated. All Payees currently in the MYOB® file will be added to the Table.

If a Payee (based on Payee ID) in the MYOB® file is not yet in the All Payees table (for example you have recently added a new Payee in your MYOB® file) it will be added to the table.

If the Payee already exists in the table, the Payee will be will be updated for any changes. Before updating for changes STP Creator checks to ensure the Surname and the TFN match.

After all Payees have been added, a reverse check takes place. STP Creator checks all Payees currently in the table also exist in the linked MYOB® company file - this is based on the Payee ID not the Name. It STP Creator detects a Payee ID that is not in the MYOB® company file, you will see a message similar to the image below:

This is likely caused by the fact that this Payee has since been deleted from your MYOB® company file. Make a note of the Payee IDs and then select them and click Delete. The selected Payee IDs will be deleted from the Data Set file.