Salary Sacrifice - Other Employee Benefits

(from the ATO's Business Implementation Guide)

Note: - in Phase 2 Gross Amount must include the pre-Salary Sacrifice amount

Other employee benefits may include:

• Fringe benefits – such as cars, property (goods, land, buildings, shares and bonds) and expense payments (loans, school fees, childcare costs and home phone costs)

• Exempt benefits – work-related items such as portable electronic devices and equipment

Please note that some Salary Sacrifice arrangements may give rise to a Reportable Fringe Benefits amount - you should discuss this with your tax adviser.

MYOB Users

See example below for how to map a Salary Sacrifice Other Employee Benefits payroll category:

The salary sacrifice amount will be included in Gross Amount, however will be excluded from the W1 amount.

Non-MYOB Users

Select the relevant STP Fields here. These would include SalSacType O (Field ID 60)

On the Assemble Income Statement Data (YTD) screen, manually add or import YTD data indicating the YTD amount for each Payee against each STP Field. GrossAmount should include the Pre Salary Sacrifice amount. SalSacType O should include the sacrificed amount as a positive amount. The ATO will net the salary sacrificed amount against the Gross Amount when calculating taxable income.

For example if a Payee's pre-salary sacrifice amount for the year to date was $80,000, PAYG amount was $12,000, SGC was $840 and $1200 was sacrificed for gym membership, the Assemble Income Statement Data (YTD) amounts would be as follows:

GrossAmount $80,000

PAYGAmount $12,000

SuperAmountSG $840

SalSacType O $1200