New Employees have been added

Basic Principles

When data is loaded from the linked MYOB® company file, STP Creator checks to see if the number of employees in the MYOB® company file matches the number currently in the Data Set File. If there are more employees in the MYOB® company file, STP Creator assumes a new employee has been added to MYOB® and adds the employee into the Data Set file.

When this happens you may see this message:

While the employees are automatically added, they are not automatically set as 'Included in STP' - if these new employees should be included in this STP report, you will need to do this using the 'Select Payees' button from the Permanent Data Set screen, as per images below:

Sort the Payee Table by the Payee ID column. The new employee will now appear at the bottom of the Payee Table. Select that Employee and click 'Include in STP':

And finally click "Check All STP Payees':

Then click Save to Save all the changes. This new employee will be included in subsequent STP Reports.