How to tell if I can install M2M Credentials

Machine To Machine (M2M) Credentials can be installed by anybody authorised to do so. Generally the Principal Authority (director/partner/sole trader) for an entity will have this permission. When the Principal Authority uses Relationship Authorisation Manager (RAM) to add others users (such an an employee of the business who accesses the Business Portal on behalf of the business), the new user can be created with or without authority to create M2M Credentials - see below:

To check if you are a Machine credential administrator, log into Relationship Authorisation Manger (RAM) here. You will need to use your MyGovID as you would to access the Business Portal.

Once logged in you will see a list of entities you are authorised to act for. Select the entity you need to report STP for.

In this example, note the Blue Highlight "Manage Credentials" - this will not appear unless you are authorised to create M2M Credentials. To confirm, click the View button next to your name (as shown in red below):

On the next screen look under Machine Credential Administrator (as highlighted in red below):

If this shows Yes, then you can create M2M Credentials for this ABN, if this shows No, then you can't. The Principal Authority would need to edit/update your permission to allow this, or you can get them to install the M2M Credentials for you.

Alternatively if you have your own ABN (for example if you are a bookkeeper providing services to the employer), the employer can use Access Manager to authorise you to act as an Intermediary for the Payer. Once you are authorised as an Intermediary, you can install and use your own M2M Credentials (using your ABN) when lodging STP Reports for the Payer.

If lodging as an Intermediary using your ABN, ensure you complete the SBR settings as per image below (using your ABN).


If you are unable to install M2M Credentials, the alternative is to lodge your STP Reports via SSP