Full File Replacement



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3.2.8 Full file replacement

A full file replacement provides the ability for an employer to replace the latest pay event file that was sent to the ATO in error or contains significant corrupt data.

1. For each BMS a full file replacement may only be used to replace the latest pay event which can either be for a regular pay cycle or an out of cycle payment.

2. The full file replacement must contain the submission ID of the pay event to be replaced.

3. A full file replacement cannot be submitted if any employee information submitted in the original pay event file has been changed by a subsequent pay or update event.

4. An update event cannot be replaced.

Note: Only your most recent STP Report can be 'replaced'. See Fixing Errors before using this feature.

This brings up this screen:

The Pay Event ID will be populated as shown above by the ID of the most recent STP Report Lodged. If this is not the Pay Event you are trying to replace, use the ID found in the email advising that the ATO has Accepted that Pay Event. The Pay Event ID is made up of the ABN_Branch_NamichSTP1_Date_Time as per the format above.

See also details on ATO Website - Full File Replacement