Finalise all Payee YTD Details (late - forgot to do it earlier)

You have processed and reported your final pay for FY 2021 (without adding a Final Indicator). You have made a backup in MYOB and started a new Payroll Year and have commenced and reported payroll for FY 2022.

Weeks later an employee advises their Income Statement in MyGov still shows as 'Not Tax Ready' - what do you do?

The first thing to do is to make a copy of your current Data Set file and name it 'DataSet Final FY2021.dsf' (or similar). This ensures no changes are made to your current Data Set file.

Run STP Creator and instead of logging into your current Data Set file, click Cancel as per image below.

Next click '1. Load Settings from Data Set file' to open the Permanent Data Set screen and click Browse to find the copy you made earlier (DataSet Final FY2021.dsf).

The next step is important - when you click '2. Load Payroll Data' from the Main Screen, be sure to tick the checkbox as shown below - this ensures MYOB loads data from the previous Payroll Year.

And then on the next screen select the FY 2021 (as shown below)

After this, complete the STP Report as per a normal Update Event. Use 30 June 2021 as the Update Date.

On the Final Screen, select all Employee and then click 'Final Indicator'. Lodge and later check to see that the Report was Accepted by the ATO. This will change Income Statements for all employees in this STP Report to Tax Ready.


When you are finished, return to the Permanent Data Set screen and use Browse 1 to locate and open your current Data Set file. You can then close STP Creator. This ensures next time you run STP Creator, it will prompt you to log into your current Data Set file.

Extra Assistance Required

As with any STP Creator issues, if you are having difficulty resolving, send us an email with the details (including screenshots). We will provide guidance via email as soon as we can. Alternatively if you would like someone to connect remotely to resolve the issue, we have a HelpMe! service - see link under Extras on our Purchase Page here - a fee applies.