Errors Were Detected

Basic Principles

    1. Has a Surname and First Name
    2. Has a valid Address
    3. Has a valid Date of Birth
    4. Has a valid TFN

Check ALL STP Payees

When you click 'Check All STP Payees', STP Creator runs the above checks only for those Payees set as 'Included in STP'. If any errors are detected, you will see a message similar to the image below:

Close the Message and:

    1. Sort the 'All Payees' table by the 'Checked' column
    2. Select (tick) the Payee ID of all Payees that show 'Error' in the 'Checked' column
    3. Click Edit

Once each Payee Details screen opens, click 'Update & Close' to highlight the error - in this case an invalid TFN - Fix the error and then click 'Update & Close' again.

Fix error in MYOB®

The errors indicate something is incorrect or missing in the linked MYOB® company file. To save you having to fix these errors each time you click 'Update from Company File', we recommend you take a note of the errors and next time you are in the MYOB® company file, fix the errors there as well.