Empty Activity Statement Data Table

Basic Principles

An Update Event includes Income Statement Data (Payee YTD amounts to be shown on MyGov) only

If there is a problem with the Payment Dates you may see this message:

This means that on the Date screen (see example below) - the Payment Date selected was not the Payment Date used when processing payroll in the linked MYOB® company file. Remember the Pay Period dates are NOT used, only the Payment Date(s).

When setting dates in the MYOB® file for this payroll transaction, you must use the same Payment Date as you used in MYOB® - see example below.

If the Activity Statement Data screen is empty, the BAS W1 W2 amounts for this Report will be set to $0. To correct this, use the correct Payment Date.

If you have used the correct Payment Date, then it is likely the MYOB® company file currently linked to this Data Set file is not the same MYOB® company file in which you processed payroll. Use Browse 3 on the Permanent data Set screen to select the correct MYOB® company file.

More than one Payment Date for this Pay Period

Normally a Payer has a standard payroll cycle, for example weekly or fortnightly. However there may be times when there is an 'Out of cycle' payment for example when paying 'Christmas Bonuses' or other not standard payments. Or an employee may have wanted to get paid a few days early.

If for example normal payment date is Thursday 11 April 2019 however one of the employees was paid on Tuesday 9 April 2019.

There are 2 ways to report these 'Out of Cycle' payments:

To combine both payments together, tick the 'More than one Payment Date for this Pay Period', enter 9/04/2019 in From Payment Date  and 11/04/2019 in To Payment Date, as per image below:

STP Creator will pick up Payroll Payments made on 9/04/2019, 10/04/2019 and 11/04/2019, treating the dates as a date range. The Payment Date sent to the ATO however will be the later date, 11/04/2019.