Employment Details

(Note: The information provided below is based on ATO documentation and is current at the time of preparation. It is however general in nature and provided for assistance only. Should you require further information or clarification of what to show in any field, consult your accountant or the ATO).

The Payee Details screen can be located from Permanent Data Set screen > Select Payees > Edit.

Pre Set below to most common based on these

STP Creator extracts the relevant fields from the linked MYOB file. These are displayed in the Current Settings in MYOB section. As a starting point, click this button. This will pre-populate the screen below with the most likely settings. Then check and adjust these if necessary.

Country Code

Some Income Stream Types require a Country Code - this is a 2 character country code as specified in ISO 3066. These can be found in various places on the internet, here for example.

Tax Treatment Code

To change any of these, first set the Income Stream Type. If it is already set, click the drop down arrow and set it again. This will enable the Tax Treatment Code table.


Click here to update the Payee Details screen with these settings.

ATO link to Employer's Guide for this screen settings