Copy and Paste Table Data

A number of screens in STP Creator enable you to copy and paste table data.  The purpose of this features is to enable you to view and work with the data in a spreadsheet. This allows you to do your own sorting and checking of totals etc.


Copy and Paste

When table data is copied and then pasted into certain spreadsheet programs, the spreadsheet may interpret and present certain data in a confusing way. The main problem is with fields containing all numerics and having a leading zero. For example the phone field, for example 0812341234. Without special precautions, when you paste this field into a spreadsheet program, that program may interpret this field as a number, in which case it will drop the leading 0 and display 812341234,  The same thing can happen to the ABN field as well as the postcode field.

To prevent this from happening, before pasting the copied data into the spreadsheet, format all the spreadsheet cells as "Text" rather than the default "General" format. In Excel for example, select all the cells by clicking the left-most row heading (to the left of A). This will highlight every cell. Then on the Menu bar select Format, Cells and then the Number tab. Under "Category" choose "Text", then click OK.

You can now safely paste the copied data into the spreadsheet with leading zeroes preserved. However any numbers will also be treated as text and you will not be able to use formulae like SUM etc. (For leading zeroes and numbers, use the Notepad method outlined below instead.)

Alternatively you can paste the clipboard contents into a plain text file (such as a Notepad file). Then follow the instructions here.