Employment Details

With STP Phase 2, the ATO wants to collect much more data about each Payee. Within STP Creator this data is stored and displayed on the Payee Details screen, under Employment Details.

This can be manually edited and updated from the Payee Details screen. However when creating a new Data Set file or updating a large number of Payees, this can take awhile. We have therefore added a 'bulk' update process, where you can manually specify which settings would be applied to ALL payees, and then manually edit those who need different settings.

ATO link to Employer's Guide for this screen settings

Manually set most common below

If you click this button, the screen below will be pre-populated with the most common settings:

Modify these (if necessary) to the settings that apply to most of your Payees. Once the Payees are updated with these settings, you can then individually edit those that require changes, for example if 1 or 2 of your employees have a student loan.

Country Code

Some Income Types require a Country Code - this is a 2 character country code as specified in ISO 3066. These can be found in various places on the internet, here for example.

Cessation Code if terminated

In Phase 2 all Payees terminated after 1 July 2022 will require a Cessation Code. If you have Payees who have been terminated in the current Payroll Year, enter a valid Cessation Code. This code will be applied to ALL Payees with a Termination Date

Update Employment Details in Data Set file

If you click this button the Employment Details for all Payees in the Data Set file will be updated based on your choices above.

Help for this screen

Access on-line Help.


Clicking this button will close this screen.

NOTE: This is a Bulk Update process and it will update ALL Payees. It is important you check these setting and manually edit/modify any that have not been set correctly. Both the Payee Table and the Final STP Report Data screens have 3 new columns which display the settings for each Payee: