Adjust Service

If this Data Set file was created as an Adjust only Data Set file, the Main Screen will appear as per the image below. This is specifically for when a user wants to use STP Creator to Adjust STP W1 W2 amounts reported through other STP software such as via MYOB's Payroll Reporting Centre or via Xero etc

When you click the 2. Adjust Service button, you will see the screen below. Enter the adjustment amount. If adjusting just W1, set W2 to 0. If adjusting just W2, set W1 to 0. If an amount is set, you will also need to specify whether you want to increase the reported amount (+) or decrease (-).

You will also need to specify the effective date. The effective date need not align with a specific Payment date, however it must be within the Activity Statement period you want to correct. If you are a monthly reporter and want to correct the Nov 2023 Activity Statement, the Effective Date must be in the month of Nov 2023. If you are a quarterly reporter and you want to correct the Oct-Dec 2023 quarter, the Effective Date must be within that quarter.

In the example below, the reported W1 amount will be increased by $1000, while the W2 amount will be reduced by $200 for the month of Aug 2023 (or the Jul to Sep 2023 quarter).

I want to Adjust W1 W2 amounts reported by other STP software (BMSID)

Ensure you tick the 'I want to Adjust W1 W2 amounts reported by other STP software (BMSID)'

Each STP Reporting software has a BMSID, this allows the ATO to determine which software lodged a report, and when to use the new report to replace earlier data.

STP Creator allows you to 'fix' Activity Statement STP Pre-fill data lodged by STP Creator. You can also use it to correct W1 W2 amounts reported by other STP software. This might be useful for accountants, BAS agents, bookkeepers etc. Or if your STP reporting software does not have this feature.

When using STP Creator to Adjust W1 W2 amounts lodged by other software, you need to provide the BMSID used by that other software.

Check your other software or your earlier STP Reports or emails. If unable to locate, log into Online Services for Business (formerly Business Portal) for the ABN involved. Go to Employees > STP Reporting. Select one of the STP Reports lodged under the previous software and click the Drop Down Arrow. See images further down below as an example.

When you click the Lodge button, and complete the declaration screen, you will see this message below.

And then the SBR Hub screen with the new Adjust Event at the top of the table as illustrated below. Note the blue highlight showing this is an Adjust Event. Select the Report ID (in this case 80) and click the Lodge button. Once the report has been lodged, click the Check Result button. You will receive an on-screen message showing the outcome. You will also receive email notification similar to the emails when lodging a Pay Event or an Update Event. One email after you click Lodge acknowledging a new report has been lodged and then one email once you click Check Result and a response is received. The second email will advise if the Report has been Accepted or Rejected. If rejected, you will need to correct the error and re-lodge.

You can also use the new List Event to Retrieve reported W1 W2 amounts feature to confirm the effectiveness of the Adjust Event.

This is from the ATO's Online Services under Employees > STP Reporting

The next screen will show the BMS ID:

See below instructions from MYOB if you use AR2023 for lodging your STP Reports:

Enter this exactly as shown in the BMSID field in STP Creator. Then click Lodge to generate the Adjust request for lodgment with the ATO.

The BMSID can also be found on an employee's Income Statement. Note that the BMSID is not the same as the SSID.